Get the administrative skills and industry-specific knowledge needed for an exciting and dynamic position in the oil and gas industry.

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Program Duration


Practicum Duration


What You Could Earn

$37,000 – $51,000

Become an Oil and Gas Administrator

As a skilled Oil and Gas Administrator, you will perform a variety of duties such as industry-specific documentation and reporting and provide support in areas such as petroleum transportation, production accounting, drilling processes, logistics, business management and more.

Our program will equip you with a broad understanding of the oil and gas industry's practices, terminology, and operations, as well the required office, computer and communication skills

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What to expect

The Oil & Gas Administration program courses are designed to touch on every aspect of the oil and gas industry: history of oil and gas, land system and mapping, operations explorations, production accounting and more.

Industry-experienced instructors support you to become an integral member of the dynamic energy and power generation industries. Your courses include:

  • History of Oil & Gas
  • Land System & Mapping
  • Operations Exploration
  • Completion and Refining
  • Production Accounting
  • Pipelines
  • Alternative Sources of Energy
  • Integrated Project
  • GeoScout
  • Effective Business Writing
  • Microsoft Office Computer Skills
  • Becoming A Master Student
  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • Career Management
  • Practicum – hands-on job experience with an employer

When you graduate, you will be job-ready with experience in your field. Your program includes a 5-week practical work experience.

Graduating students also receive a full range of professional Career Services covering resume and marketing materials preparation, interview skills, and job search techniques.

New career opportunities

As a graduate of the Oil & Gas Administration program you will find employment in a wide range of oil & gas, utility, service and supplier businesses, government regulatory agencies and general business office settings:

  • Oil & Gas Administrative Assistant
  • Land Systems Assistant
  • Mapping Assistant
  • Project Assistant
  • Production Accounting Assistant
  • Office Assistant / Coordinator


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Student Testimonial

Emily H.

I became a student here at Sundance a few months ago and it was probably one of the best decisions I could have made. During these past months, I have been able to become confident in myself and my skill set as I grow thanks to the staff here. You always feel welcome and cared for as a person and as a student and everyone is friendly and welcoming. I would definitely recommend this college to friends and family and anybody who will listen.


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Thank You for Contacting Sundance College

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Thank you for Contacting Sundance College

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Thank you for Contacting Sundance College

An admissions professional will be in touch with you regarding your program of choice.

Thank You for Contacting Sundance College

An admissions professional will be in touch with you regarding your program of choice.