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Recent Articles

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The Benefits of a Diploma Career College for a Successful Career Change

2023-07-03 | Student Life

Discover the advantages of a diploma from a career college to successfully change your career. Explore the most popular diploma programs for a career change, and how Sundance College is helping students make the leap.
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Sundance Student Success: Levi M. on Fatherhood and Student Life

2023-06-19 | Student Life

We spoke to a father who recently graduated from Sundance College. Levi M., one of two valedictorians at last month’s graduation, completed a diploma in Digital Marketing and Social Media Management with Honors! He shares advice for student parents pursuing post secondary education.
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College Tips to Define Your Learning Style & Study Smarter

2023-06-12 | Student Life

Identify what type of learner you are and what study strategies suited to your personal learning style you can adopt to boost your academic success
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We Surveyed Faculty on Tips for College Success: This Is Their Advice

2023-05-22 | Student Life

Discover valuable tips from our Education Team to achieve success in college: from preparing for your learning journey to excelling in your diploma program and achieving practicum success.
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Mom Superpowers: 5 Reasons Why Moms Make Exceptional College Students

2023-05-15 | Student Life

How the skills you're developing as a parent can help you excel as a student!