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Recent Articles

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Essential Skills of a Pharmacy Assistant

2023-11-27 | Health and Social Services

Want to become a pharmacy assistant? Here are 7 essential skills for success that you need to know!
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Real Ways to Change Lives This National Addictions Awareness Week

2023-11-20 | Health and Social Services

Discover the complexities of addiction during National Addictions Awareness Week 2023. Gain transformative insights from Serena, Sundance College's ACHP instructor, and explore a career in addiction counseling. Learn how education at Sundance College goes beyond theory, equipping you with self-awareness and skills to make a lasting impact in the addiction counseling field.
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How to Launch A Career As A Pharmacy Assistant With Your Diploma 

2023-11-17 | Health and Social Services

A Pharmacy Assistant career, supported by a diploma, involves working under licensed Pharmacists to ensure the smooth operation of patient care. It offers job stability, flexibility, and potential for growth in the healthcare sector. Obtaining a Pharmacy Assistant diploma enhances job prospects, and comprehensive programs cover essential topics such as anatomy, pharmacy calculations, health ethics, and practical experience through a practicum. Read on to learn more!
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Achieve Your Career Goals with Health And Social Services Diplomas

2023-11-16 | Health and Social Services

As the healthcare and social services sectors continue to grow and evolve, enrolling in health and social services programs is not just a step towards a career; it's a commitment to long-term success in an area that aligns with the evolving health and wellness needs of individuals and communities across the country.
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How to Start an Addictions & Community Health Professional Diploma

2023-11-15 | Health and Social Services

The Addictions & Community Health Professional Diploma program at Sundance College equips you with various skills to support the physical, emotional, and mental health of individuals and communities affected by addictions. The diploma opens up diverse career opportunities in addictions work and community health initiatives, including roles such as Community Outreach Worker, Corrections Services Worker, Family Support Worker, and more. Join growing demand for Addictions & Community Health professionals for meaningful employment prospects and impactful opportunities for career advancement.